Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bible Lesson #10 Part 2: Sunday Dinner Staples... Dessert - Strawberry Banana Round Cake

Any traditional Sunday dinner pot roast meal would not be complete without a delectable dessert to proceed it.

This particular recipe has an endearing story to it - I'll keep it short and sweet. It was the first time I celebrated a birthday with one of my dear friends in the beginnings of knowing him years ago. Because of circumstances out of anyone's control, he was not able to go home (out-of-state) and visit his family for his birthday. He was feeling pretty blue about this, since his mom always made him a very particular birthday cake for him. After some investigative research, I was able to get my hands on the recipe for this cake from his mother. Birthdays are one of my favorite events for my friends and loved ones, so I love to bake and celebrate all that I can - and I will go to some extremem lengths to make them it happen!

 I eventually had an opportunity to meet my friend's mother. She had heard about what I had done for her son and let me tell you - momma's love their baby boys! She grabbed me in a hug, tears on the rims of her eyes, thanking me for being able to take care of her son when she wasn't able to. Her gratitude made the memory, and the cake, that much sweeter.

It is a bit unorthodox of how its made and was skeptical at first, yet I am now a firm believer in this moist and delicious cake. So please try it at least once - you won't be disappointed.

*Using sugar free jello mix and a lowfat/sugar free whipped cream make this an easy cake for Diabetics or a healthier dessert. My father is diabetic so I'm always looking for more options for him.

1 box cake mix (White)
1 Large box jello - Make with only 2 cups boiling water

1 tub whip cream
1 small box instant pudding mix (make with half the mix for a thicker mixture) - preferably Vanilla.

-Fruit if desired

This time I made a Strawberry-Banana Cake:
-Sugar free strawberry or strawberry banana jello
-2 bananas

-Using 2 spring form pans, bake the cake mix as directed on box.
-Remove from oven. Once out, make the jello mixture with 2 cups boiling water.
- Using a fork, poke a TON of holes in the cakes
-Immediately pour the jello syrup mixture over cakes. Use ALL of the jello mix. It will seem like the cakes will be getting soggy, but just let it happen.
-Place cakes in refrigerator for at least 2-3 hours.
-When you place cakes in fridge, make the pudding for the frosting and then let set in fridge during that time as well. Also the whipped cream so it will be thawed.

- When you are ready to assemble the cakes, remove from spring form pans on to serving platter or tray.
-Level off one of the cakes with a knife to create a flat, level surface. This cake will be the bottom cake.
- Mix thawed but cold whipped cream with pudding. Place a small amount on cake round. Slice bananas and make a nice level surface again.
-Place second cake on top.
-Frost with Pudding/Cream frosting

*The fun of this cake is you can make it however you want and what flavor sounds good. I've ranged from plain strawberry to peach to pina colada. Fruit is a good flavor because then you can use real fruit to add the extra flavor!

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